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Charmaine’s ability as an educator extends far beyond teaching someone to sing. Her musical, passionate, nurturing and holistic approach leaves all her students feeling inspired as they transition into musicians and skilled vocalists. Charmaine’s influence changed my life in many area not only have I developed tremendously as a vocalist, I have grown an appreciation for community and value all aspects of life. Charmaine has opened many performance opportunities to develop in a public setting and is always putting her students first. Her dedication to the growth of her students is second to none and her presence on stage as a performer is of sheer musicality and heart. Be it after a lesson, a choir rehearsal, a show or even dinner I am constantly inspired and driven to share music, to teach and to influence others lives as Charmaine has done in mine. I feel extremely privileged to call Charmaine my teacher, mentor and friend.

Erin McKellar

Adelaide, South Australia

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